Selection into the program reserves admission into the College of Medicine at the University of Florida, contingent upon satisfactory completion of the junior year (third year) curriculum. Each student’s progress is reviewed at the end of the junior year to assure that the student has complied with the academic and research requirements, and maintained the high standards expected of a student participating in this combined accelerated honors program.

The curriculum below is not intended to be final or complete for years 1 and 2, as it is important to plan with the assistance of your pre-health undergraduate advisor. Year 3 is the MHP year.

Year 1

Students are encouraged to meet with a pre-health advisor in their freshman year to discuss/plan meeting MHP admission requirements.

Refer to UF Pre-Health Advising  for more academic information, and if you are a UF student you may schedule an appointment with a Pre-Health Advisor

Year 2

Foreign Language proficiency is required for the MHP and CLAS majors.

Refer to UF Pre-Health Advising  for more academic information, and if you are a UF student you may schedule an appointment with a Pre-Health Advisor

Year 3

By the end of their junior year, participants in the MHP must have fulfilled the following academic requirements, some of which depend on the MHP concentration taken by the student:

         * These courses are offered at separate times so that all MHP students may take them.

The required courses above provide extensive faculty contact, and emphasis is placed on student participation and presentations in a relatively non-structured and informal format.

In addition to the above MHP courses, students continue to register for coursework within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences or the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to meet course requirements for graduation.

  • This may include general education requirements in English, a Foreign Language, or Social Sciences and Humanities.
  • Physics 1 and 2**
  • Biochemistry (BCH 4024 or equivalent)** Note that one or more of these classes may have been completed prior to the MHP year.


The program also requires that students perform an individual honors thesis research project during the MHP year. The research, which is normally performed within the Health Science Center complex (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing, etc.), may be in basic sciences, clinical sciences, translational medicine, health policy research, or a community medicine project. Students may also choose to continue an established research project from a different discipline, such as chemistry or biology. MHP students may perform research in an area of their choosing, but their project and mentor must undergo prior approval by the MHP Director.

There is no designated list of MHP research mentors. Students can use the following resources to find a mentor at UF. The first resource is a direct link to UF’s hub for research endeavors. The second resource awards scholarships for research. The third is the search engine for the College of Medicine PhD program. You will not be doing a PhD at this point, but this site has a great faculty/research search function, including a keyword search. We suggest that you utilize these resources to come up with a list of potential mentors.

You can also find more information about potential mentors and their research by visiting their department web page.

1.  UF Center for Undergraduate Research

2.  University Scholars Program

3.  Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences Faculty search

During the senior year (fourth year of undergraduate training), students who have successfully completed the third year merge into the standard first year medical program. At the end of the first year of medical school (the fourth year of college), students in the MHP receive a B.S. degree from the University of Florida. Graduation is either with honors, high honors, or highest honors, based on academic performance and evaluation of the research thesis.


Students in the MHP will pursue their medical education through the UF College of Medicine (UF COM). UF COM offers a patient-centered curriculum and fosters collaborative learning experiences which provide a myriad of opportunities for our students. We invite you to review the curriculum and timeline.

Medical Student Learning Studio within the Harrell Medical Education Building