Ciara, Patrick, and Nishtha at White Coat ceremony
Ciara Styles, Patrick Bliven, & Nishtha Garg ~ Class of 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Honors Program at the University of Florida! The application period for 2022 entry has closed. The next application will reopen sometime in late Fall 2022 for 2023 entry. Please review our website pages and reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

The Medical Honors Program is a combined 7-year BS/MD program designed for students who are in their second year of enrollment (post secondary education) at a 4-year accredited science degree granting institution (University of Florida or equivalent institution). Eligible applicants cannot already have earned a bachelor’s or higher degree and must be United States citizens or United States permanent residents (in possession of the USCIS assigned ‘Green Card’). This program is open to students who are both Florida and non-Florida residents. Students apply for admission to the MHP through the University of Florida College of Medicine Admissions Office.

We are pleased to release a student perspective video created by our MHP students. We hope the video will address some questions you may have as a prospective applicant and give insight as to the path of an MHP student from undergraduate to practicing as a physician.

Applicants are responsible for understanding the application requirements. The link for the electronic application will be posted above once the cycle opens.  The application is designed to resemble both the AMCAS application and the UF College of Medicine application.The information requested for the application includes biographical data, college coursework, personal statement, extracurricular activities (including research), medical and non-medical volunteer activity, physician shadowing, interests/hobbies, employment (if any), and letters of recommendation. Please refer to this AMCAS Application Course Classification Guide for guidance regarding the science and non-science coursework you list on your application. Applicants also respond to several essay prompts addressing various aspects of their motivation for pursuit of a medical career. A one-time $30 non-refundable application fee to the University of Florida Office of Admissions, plus processing fee, will be required for students transferring to UF from another institution.

Important Dates & Deadlines for the 2023 Cycle

  • October 13, 2022 – MHP Fall 2021 Information Session, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
    • The Fall 2021 meeting recording can be viewed here. (some of the requirements stated in this recording may have changed)
  • October 24, 2022 – MHP Student-Led Q & A, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
    • Harrell Medical Education Building, Learning Studio 125
  • December 7, 2022 – Application Cycle Opens
    • Please Note: It is advised that applicants wait until after their universities’ fall 2021 grades have been posted before ordering their official transcripts.
  • January 12, 2023 – MHP Spring 2023 Information Session
    • The Spring 2022 meeting recording can be viewed here. (some of the requirements stated in this recording may have changed)
  • January (Dates TBA) – MHP Student-Led Application Workshop – TBA.
  • February 1, 2023 – Application Deadline, Application closes at 11:59PM EST.
    • Please Note: This includes submission of official transcripts and all letters of recommendation.


All applicants, including current UF students, must order official transcripts from their current college/university and upload to the electronic application portal. These transcripts must reflect all college credit attempts, including but not limited to, dual enrollment, transfer, transient coursework, withdrawals, incomplete, etc. – if applicable.  If not, an official transcript is also required from any college/university attended for which coursework is not reflected on the home institution’s transcript. All students will be expected to submit another official transcript, to reflect final grades, if admitted to the program.

Note: Official electronic transcripts can be uploaded to the electronic application if offered by your institution. Please note that electronic transcript requests can list you, the applicant, as the intended email recipient to ensure that you can successfully upload your transcript to the online application. Electronic transcripts that are sent to our office can cause further delays in processing your application. Electronic transcripts and hard copy transcripts should not be tampered with for any reason. Electronic transcripts should indicate the applicant’s university or college email address then directly uploaded to the online application. If the transcript is modified for any reason, this can result in ineligibility.

Letters of recommendation

A minimum of three letters of recommendation are required.

  • Two should be academic letters from individuals such as science high school teachers, non-science high school teachers, science professors, non-science professors, research mentors, and graduate teaching assistants (with lead faculty support and signature). **Note: only one of the two academic letters can be from a high school teacher.
  • The third letter should be a character letter and can be from a variety of individuals including (but not limited to) a physician you have shadowed, volunteer coordinator, coach, employer, supervisor of an undergraduate teaching assistant position, etc.
  • Any additional two letters (academic or character) may be submitted for a maximum of five letters.

Letters of recommendation must be submitted on letterhead, dated and signed by the writer. The application includes an area where applicants can identify recommenders and generate an online letter request which will be emailed to the recommender with instructions to upload the letters. Only letters submitted via the application online process will be included in an applicant’s file. Letters should not be mailed directly to the UF COM Office of Admissions.

Letter guidelines for recommendation providers can be found here. Applicants are welcome to send the Letter Guidelines information sheet to their recommendation providers.

Selection Process

Materials in the completed application are reviewed by the Director of the MHP, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Director of Admissions, Assistant Director of Admissions, and faculty members of the Medical Student Admissions Committee. A holistic review is given for each applicant. This review includes biographical data, college coursework, personal statement, extracurricular activities (including research), medical and non-medical volunteer activity, physician shadowing, interests/hobbies, employment (if any), and letters of recommendation. Competitive applicants are invited for interview.

Interviews are held from approximately late March through late April at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Applicants meet the Director of the MHP and the Assistant Dean for Admissions, and have interviews with two members of the Medical Student Interview Committee.

Recommendations of the interviewers are sent to the Admissions Committee who are responsible for weighing these recommendations and the qualifications of each applicant against those of the entire interviewee pool. The Admissions Committee makes the final determination of each applicant’s status. Applicants accepted into the program are given formal notification once a transcript containing their spring grades is submitted, usually in early to mid-May.

Following acceptance, a candidate has one week to agree to the terms and conditions in the acceptance policy and follow the requirements stated within.

An applicant who is not successful in gaining admission into the MHP and who wishes to apply for regular admission to the College of Medicine must initiate a new application process through AMCAS. Applying to the MHP is not considered an application to medical school, as asked on the AMCAS application.