Ciara, Patrick, and Nishtha at White Coat ceremony
Ciara Styles, Patrick Bliven, & Nishtha Garg ~ Class of 2020

Thank you for your interest in the Medical Honors Program at the University of Florida! We are excited to announce that application is now open. You may access the application by clicking on the orange banner at the top of this webpage that says “Go to MHP Application” or by using the link that is included just above the Important Dates & Deadline section of this webpage. Please be advised that the MHP application will remain open until February 2, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. EST.  Before applying, we ask that you carefully review our website as it will contain the most accurate information regarding this application cycle. If you have any question, you may reach out to our team!

The Medical Honors Program is a combined 7-year BS/MD program. We seek highly motivated students who demonstrate academic excellence and are dedicated to a career in service to others as a future health care provider. Students become eligible to apply once they have reached their second year of enrollment in post-secondary education at a 4-year accredited science degree granting institution (e.g. University of Florida or an equivalent institution.) Applicants must meet prerequisite course requirements, a minimum score of 1400 on the SAT or a minimum of 32 on the ACT, and program technical standards. Eligible applicants cannot already have earned a bachelor’s or higher degree and must be United States citizens or United States permanent residents (in possession of the USCIS assigned ‘Green Card’). This program is open to students who are both Florida and non-Florida residents. Students apply for admission to the Medical Honors Program through the University of Florida College of Medicine Office of Admissions.

Access to the electronic application is here. The application is similar to both the AMCAS application and the UF College of Medicine application. The information requested for the application includes biographical data, college coursework, personal statement, extracurricular activities (including research), medical and non-medical volunteer service activity, health care experience (e.g. scribe, physician shadowing), leadership experience, interests/hobbies, employment (if any), and letters of recommendation. Please refer to this AMCAS Application Course Classification Guide for guidance regarding the science and non-science coursework you list on your application. Applicants also respond to several essay prompts addressing their motivation for pursuit of a medical career. A one-time $30 non-refundable application fee to the University of Florida Office of Admissions, plus processing fee, will be required for students who are selected for the program and transferring to UF from another institution.

Important Dates & Deadlines for the 2024 Cycle

  • December 4, 2023 – Application Cycle Opens
    • Please Note: It is advised that applicants wait until after their universities’ Fall 2023 grades have been posted before ordering their official transcripts.
  • October 12, 2023- MHP Fall 2024 Information Session, 6:00pm – 7:30pm
    • The Fall 2023 meeting recording can be viewed here.
  • January 11, 2024- MHP Spring 2024 Information Session, 6:00pm – 7:30pm:
    • The Spring 2024 meeting recording can be viewed here.
  • January 17, 2024 – MHP Student-Led Application Workshop, 6:30 – 8:30pm: Registration is open – There are available time slots for both in-person sessions and zoom sessions, so please read the sign-up form carefully to ensure you are registering for the correct session. Space is limited, so you must register for a session prior to the event. You can access the sign-up form here.
    • Joining via Zoom – The zoom link is provided on the sign-up form (you must register for a zoom time slot on the form)
    • Joining in-person – Harrell Medical Education Building, room 135 (you must register for an in-person time slot on the form)
  • February 2, 2024 – Application Deadline, Application closes at 11:59PM EST.
    • Please Note: This includes submission of transcripts and all letters of recommendation.


All applicants, including current UF students, may submit unofficial transcripts from their current college/university for the initial application review. These transcripts must directly reflect the official transcripts and should include the same pertinent institutional and/or student demographical information. Additionally, all college credit attempts, including but not limited to, dual enrollment, transfer, transient coursework, withdrawals, incomplete, etc. – if applicable.  If not, the official transcripts from any college/university will be required. Please note that all students will be expected to submit official transcripts which must also reflect final grades, if admitted to the program.

Letters of recommendation

Letters of recommendation will be handled by a trusted third-party vendor, Interfolio. Please be advised that there will be a $48 fee to use this service which is paid to and handled directly by the Interfolio team. For a complete application file, we require a minimum of three letters of recommendation; however, an applicant may submit up to six. Please be advised that of the three required letters, only one of them may be from your high school teacher or counselor. Letters of recommendation must be submitted on letterhead, dated and signed by the writer. Only letters submitted via the Interfolio process will be included in an applicant’s file. Letters should not be mailed directly to the UF COM Admissions office.

The University of Florida College of Medicine prides itself on our holistic evaluation process. We would like to emphasize how extremely important your letters of recommendation are to this process and as a result we highly recommend that you select individuals who know you well and can speak to your unique character traits. The AAMC provides a helpful guideline for writing a letter of recommendation for a medical school applicant. Please find this link to that document here. We encourage you to review the document and share this with your letter writers.

Selection Process

Materials included in completed application files are reviewed by the Director of the MHP, Assistant Dean of Admissions, Director of Admissions, Assistant Director of Admissions, and faculty members of the Medical Student Admissions Committee. A holistic review is given for each applicant. This review includes biographical data, college coursework, personal statement, extracurricular activities (including research), medical and non-medical volunteer service activity, health care experience (e.g. scribe, EMS, physician shadowing), interests/hobbies, employment (if any), and letters of recommendation. Competitive applicants are invited for interview.

Interviews are held from approximately late March through late April at the University of Florida College of Medicine. Applicants meet the Director of the MHP and the Assistant Dean for Admissions, and have interviews with two members of the Medical Student Interview Committee.

Recommendations of the interviewers are sent to the Admissions Committee who are responsible for weighing these recommendations and the qualifications of each applicant against those of the entire interviewee pool. The Medical School Admissions Committee (MSAC) makes the final determination of each applicant’s status. Applicants deemed acceptable into the program are given notification of acceptance once a transcript containing their spring grades is submitted and reviewed, usually in early to mid-May. Significant changes in academic performance may result in withholding acceptance into the program by the MSAC.

Following acceptance, a candidate has one week to agree to the terms of acceptance and conditions that are included in the acceptance policy and follow the requirements stated within.

An applicant who is not successful in gaining admission into the MHP and who wishes to apply for regular admission to the College of Medicine must initiate a new application process through AMCAS. Applying to the MHP is not considered an application to medical school, as asked on the AMCAS application.