Fall 2021 MHP Newsletter


Letter From the Directors

Dear MHP Alumni,

So here in Gainesville, we just completed the Fall 2021 semester where we had mostly in-person classes, but with Zoom sprinkled in throughout the term.  As you can imagine, this posed many challenges to delivering the Honors curriculum, but students, staff, and faculty made the very best of it.  As we start the Spring 2022 semester, the current plan is for campus to open up even more, but as we certainly know, things can change at a moment’s notice. In this issue of the student-driven MHP Newsletter…

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An Interview with Dr. Christopher Cogle: A LEADER across fields

The Medical Honors Program (MHP) integrates leadership training into the curriculum, and as a result, many leaders in the medical field have emerged from this unique program. Dr. Christopher Cogle, an alumnus from the UF COM class of 1997, represents leadership in the numerous fields of oncology, academic medicine, clinical research…

Dr. Cogle

Getting to Know the Class of 2026: MHPers Off-Duty

This year’s MHP cohort has members from all over the east coast–– from Long Island, New York to Fort Lauderdale, Florida–– with seven out of ten students transferring to UF this semester. For those moving across states, continuing existing hobbies has helped them adjust to the new environment and meet new people. Those already at UF have reconnected…

MHP Class of 2026

Top 10 Must-Reads for Doctors

There are a great many physicians of history who were also authors: people like John Keats or William Carlos Williams, who found that, through their medical training, they learned not only of disease and death, but also of the human condition. The study of medicine apparently enhanced these writers’ literary practice, so it should seemingly then follow that the study of literature could enhance…

MHP Book Recommendations

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Assistant Director, Medical Honors Program

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