Class of 2028

Medical Honors Program Class of 2028 Photo

Student: Agneta Peethala
Research Mentor: Dr. Adam Khalifa
Research Project title: Optimizing The ENIG Plating Process
Service: Haven Hospice

Student: Anirudh Venkatesh
Research Mentor: Dr. Christopher Cogle
Research Project title: Coverage of Firearm and Drug Safety Equipment to Protect Children and Adolescents
Service: TA- General Chemistry

Student: Ashley Quigley
Research Mentor: Dr. Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig
Research Project title: Healing at the Harn
Service: Down to Dance

Student: Connor Griffiths
Research Mentor: Dr. Satya Narayan
Research Project title: Role of ceramide synthase 2 in breast cancer development and therapy
Service: Solace; Working with the scientific and manufacturing communities to develop well-fitting shoes for adults with Down syndrome 

Student: Gissel Garcia
Research Mentor: Dr. Boone Prentice 
Research Project title: Untargeted Spatial Metabolomics of Clostridiodes Difficile Infection 
Service: Mobile Outreach Clinic 

Student: Helena Krogman
Research Mentor: Bryan J. Stevens, M.D. and Caitlin Gray, M.D. 
Research Project title: Exploring Autonomic Dysregulation and its Impact on Pain Perception: Assessing Diagnostic Approaches and Treatment Strategies Based on Polyvagal Theory 
Service: The Caravan of Love and TA – Portuguese 

Student: Hunter Hutchinson
Research Mentor: Dr. W. Clay Smith 
Research Project title: Molecular evolution of an arrestin1 therapeutic to treat retinal degeneration 
Service: Fixel Navi-gators and Organic Chemistry TA 

Student: Melanie Gonzalez 
Research Mentor: Dr. Carolina Maciel
Research Project title: Cardiac Arrest Taskforce  
Service: UF Mobile Outreach Clinic

Student: Odelia Tiutyama 
Research Mentor: Dr. Sara Jo Nixon, Ph.D.
Research Project title: Exploring Disparities in Recidivism, Housing Instability, and Alcohol and Drug Consequences: A Comparative Analysis of Prison Populations and Addiction Treatment Populations  
Service: Equal Access Clinic and Footprints

Student: Vedant Garg 
Research Mentor: Dr. Joshua Wong, MD
Research Project title: Audiovisual Sensory Stimulation and the Modulation of the Basal Ganglia in Parkinson’s Disease Patients with Deep Brain Stimulation  
Service: Helping Hands Clinic