Class of 2025

MHP Class of 2025

Student: Bishoy Abdelmalik
Research Mentor: Dr. Heather Vincent
Department: Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation
Service: Fast Forward Language Tutoring, Gainesville High School Tutoring, and Streetlight

Student: Sydney Cabana
Research Mentor: Dr. Mariam Rahmani
Department: Child Psychiatry
Service: Gainesville Child Advocacy Center

Student: Daniel Chong
Research Mentor: Dr. Alison Barnard
Department: Physical Therapy
Service: Impact Autism at UF and SOCIAL Gators
Photo taken prior to national guidelines of face coverings and social distancing.

Student: Alice Hamilton
Research Mentor: Dr. William Collins
Department: Otolaryngology
Service: Community Hospice

Student: Jamie Harris
Research Mentor: Dr. Michael D. Weiss
Department: Pediatrics
Service: AVID Tutoring

Student: Zachary Mayer
Research Mentor: Dr. Angelina Bernier
Department: Pediatrics
Service: Child Advocacy Center

Student: Sonile Peck
Research Mentor: Dr. Connie Mulligan
Department: Anthropology
Service: Gator Pals

Student: Joshua Riklan
Research Mentor: Dr. Habibeh Khoshbouei
Department: Neuroscience and Psychiatry
Service: Child Advocacy Center 

Student: Madison Wnuk
Research Mentor: Dr. Saleem Islam
Department: Pediatric Surgery
Service: Streetlight and Teacher’s Assistant virtually for Disability: Legal Aspects and Policies

Student: Lillian Zobel
Research Mentor: Dr. Paramita Chakrabarty
Department: Neuroscience
Service: Fast Forward