Glocal Health Expo 2017

The Medical Honors Program Class of 2021 held their Glocal Health Expo 2017 on March 27 to share all of the “Glocal” knowledge they have learned thus far with the larger UF Community. Students were involved in research projects related to their coursework in their Glocal Health Disparities course taught by Shenary Cotter, MD. Topics covered included:


Nutrition – Eat Well, Be Well: Importance of Nutrition for Global and Local Health 

Julia, Suhana, and Deandra


Mental Health – Global Suicide Awareness

Akeem, Daniel, Jesse

Reproductive Health – Addressing Global and Local Contraception Issues and Solutions

Vanessa, Olivia, Nik


The projects in the expo also included interactive demonstrations for the public. We thank everyone who came out to make this Glocal Expo a wonderful and successful event!