The Junior Honors Medical Program (JHMP) is a combined (seven year) B.S./M.D. program offered by the University of Florida. Admission is open to all possible candidates who are United States citizens or permanent residents, with preference given to Florida residents. This program is intended for undergraduate students who have demonstrated superior scholastic ability and personal development during their first two academic years of college enrollment, and who are dedicated to pursuing medicine as a career. In addition, as the JHMP requires a year of Honors Thesis research , students who are interested in the possibility of pursuing research in medical school and who are considering physician scientist track are encouraged to apply.

If accepted to this program, a student secures a place in medical school at the University of Florida, College of Medicine as long as the JHMP requirements are completed and academic standards are maintained.

Application to the JHMP is made during the spring of the student’s second year of college enrollment. Thirteen honor students were enrolled for the Fall 2009 semester while continued expansion of the program is anticipated. Secondary applications are currently being reviewed for the Fall 2010 semester. Applications will be available January 13, 2011 for positions in the College of Medicine’s class of 2016.

We have a video below of Dr. Colin Sumners giving an explanation of the program and going into depth about the finer aspects of the JHMP – who can apply, who should apply, and what is expected of those that are accepted:

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