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Q: I am a high school student or college freshman with lots of AP/IB college credits and volunteer experience. Can I apply before my second year in college?

A: No.  This program is designed for undergraduate students who are in their second post-high school year of enrollment at a 4 year accredited science degree granting academic institution (University of Florida or equivalent institution). Students who bring in significant AP/IB credits may still apply however they must do so in their second year of enrollment at a 4 year accredited science degree granting academic institution (University of Florida or equivalent).  Students who transfer to UF from another College as juniors are not eligible to apply. Students who enter UF after earning their AA degree through high school dual enrollment are considered on a case by base basis. The University of Florida has an excellent pre-health advisement staff, and a website geared for those interested in a medical career that can be found here.

Q: Do I have to be in a honors program or attend UF to be accepted into the MHP?
A: No. Any undergraduate second year student who meets the eligibility requirements can apply to the MHP.

Q: I am not a Florida resident, nor do I have any ties to Florida. Can I still apply?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you accept non-US citizens?
A: You must either be a United States Citizen or be a United States Permanent Resident and in possession of the assigned ‘green card.’

Q: Do you have a Brochure or more information about the program?
A: The most current and up-to-date information can be found on our webpage.

Q: Can I take the pre-requisite courses at my local community/junior college?
A: In order to create the most academically competitive application you should take all pre-requisite courses at the most competitive bachelors degree granting institution where you can gain entrance.

Q: Can I take the pre-requisite courses through distance learning or through the internet?
A: Pre-requisite courses must be taken in a traditional classroom environment at a four year accredited science degree granting academic institution.

Q: Do I have to take the MCAT?
A: No, you will apply to the program during the spring of your second year of enrollment and if accepted, you will matriculate into your first year of medical school, after your Medical Honors year, without being required to take the MCAT.

Q: What is the range of GPAs of accepted students?
A: The GPA (in prerequisite classes) of accepted students ranges from 3.7 to 4.0.

Q: Do I need volunteer experience in order to apply?
A: Yes, you need to have volunteer and service activity, in particular in a medical environment. For local clinical volunteering opportunities, please visit Shands’ site here. For community service-related volunteering opportunities in Gainesville, please visit this site.

Q: Do I need to have research experience prior to applying?
A: No, it is not necessary to have previous research experience. However, it is an advantage in that Medical Honors students produce an Honors Research Thesis.

Q: How exactly does one get research experience?
A: If you attend the University of Florida, there are research opportunities in nearly every department. Please visit this site for advice and tips.

Q: Once accepted into the Medical Honors Program, how do students from other universities transfer to the University of Florida?
A: Accepted students from universities other than UF must apply to UF as an Upper Division Transfer Applicant, and details of this process will be sent following the student’s acceptance. Our MHP Liaison and Pre-Health Advisor will be available for support throughout the application process to the university.

Q: What are the criteria for acceptance into the program?
A: Major criteria are academic excellence, history of service and leadership, proven motivation for a career in medicine, and letters of recommendation.

Q: What is the deadline for the preliminary application for the 2016-2017 year?
A: Preliminary applications will be available online by January 11, 2016. They will be due February 5, 2016.

Q: When is the deadline for the secondary application for the 2016-2017 year ?
A: The secondary applications are due by February 26, 2016.

Q: If I do not get accepted into the Medical Honors Program, can I still apply to general admission MD program at UF?
A: Yes, we encourage those of you who did not get accepted to apply for general admission to the MD program.

Q: When is the research thesis performed?
A: The research thesis is performed during the Fall and Spring semesters of the MHP year, and (if needed) during the summer before matriculation into medical school.

Q: I have received a secondary application and it asks for 3 letters of reference. Who should write these letters?
A: One of the letters of recommendation must be from one of your university science professors. One of the letters can come from another science professor, or from your High School science teacher, or a research mentor. The third letter can be from your research mentor, a physician you have shadowed, or from the person who has coordinated your volunteer activity.

Q: What are the tuition costs for the MHP students?
A: Tuition is the same as our undergraduate program. Subsequently, once entering the College of Medicine after one year in the MHP, tuition will be the same as every other first year College of Medicine student. To get an idea of what current students’ tuition fees are, please follow this link.